TLS and SNI with OpenBSD HTTPd and LetsEncrypt

May 7, 2017

Having wanted to switch all the sites on my OpenBSD server to HTTPS only for quite some time, but with proper certificates and at no expense, the inclusion of acme-client in OpenBSD prompted me to actually start doing something about it. Since then I’ve spent some time working on an acceptably modern set of ciphers and options, as well as automation of renewals and whatnot. Here’s a rough set of notes for how I did it, allowing me to forget it all again. ... Read more

New CMS Again

July 14, 2016

So it’s been a while since I made changes here. Having a couple of kids has rather made the past 6 years busy, and they don’t seem to get any less busy as time goes by. Either way, it was time to say goodbye to Drupal, though it has served me well over the years. With the switch from nginx to httpd as the native OpenBSD http daemon I decided it was time for me to switch as well, not least given the reliance PHP-based CMS options seem to have on Apache-style rewriting. ... Read more

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